Little Bighorn or Custer's Last Stand
Last Stand Hill where George A. Custer and about 40 of his men met their end.
Last stand hill from a bit farther away
Looking down on the valley where they estimate there wer 10,000 indians and 20 to 30,000 horses in the indian encampment
Grave markers of two soldiers that did not even make it to last stand hill. These markers show where they found bodies. All the bodies are buried on top of last stand hill near the large concrete marker.
A deep ravine where they think about 28 soldiers were killed as shown by the painting.
The marker showing where they found Custer's body with a bullet hole in the chest and head.
The Indian monument across from the market on Last Stand Hill.
Another view of the Indian Monument.
A view of the federal military cemetary located just down from the visitors center at the Little Bighorn.
A marker noting where an Indian was killed at the little big horn. They estimate that only between 60 and 100 Indians died during the battle. Click here to return to the index.